The XM147 DUKW “Super Duck”

was an Army amphibious vehicle built in a two-year period and tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground from 1956 to 1957. The Super DUKW handled like a truck that could swim. The Army needed a vehicle that handled like a boat in the water and truck on land. In 1953 the prototype XM-147 superdukw with a 145 hp engine began testing. The Super DUKW was based upon the post WW2 M135/211 GMC automatic power train. It could carry 4 tons of cargo. with a speed of 50 miles on road and 7,5 miles on the water. It had an all metal cab with sliding side windows and 15.50 X 20 tires. The Super DUCW had problems with breaks, steering and engine cooling system. The shape under water made that the water speed did not match the engine power.

Made by General Motors, it was in service from 1953 through 1980.