These photo's were sent in by member #149 "Jim Drakeley"    (Taken 1949-1950)
Jim sent me the below email and with his permission I'm sharing it with you

I enlisted in 1948 went to Fort Dix for basic training but it
was cut short and we were sent to Fort Eustis to start all
over again. after completion assigned to the 458 Th. truck company at
Fort Story and spent the rest of the time there with trips
to two Portex operations off the shores of Puerto Rica and
were mostly on the small island of Vieques also got to
San Yuan and the Dutch West Indies to name a few of the
ports we hit for liberty.

Got separated from active service July 1950. was to go to
Korea but my records were lost and I was notified to await
further orders ( I am still waiting).

Now 79 and have lived in six states but have settled back in
Pennsylvania on a twelve acre property where the hunting
is very good. Picture of Jim will follow soon probably late this
week as the next eye operation is tomorrow.

Hope this gives you a small idea of the my life


P.S.  I have three sons and five grandsons all non military for which
I blame the school system.