Information from Charles Groner  member # 101

I got to Ft Story VA in Feb 55.  I graduated from DUKW school in Apr 55. We went by military troop train from Lee Hall Station, VA in 55 to Alaska by way of Ft Lewis (North Fort).  I was admitted to Madigan Army Hosp for an emergency appendectomy the night before we were to leave.  At that time I was an assigned driver for Landing Vehicle Track (LVT Mark 4).  I was assigned to the rear detachment at Ft Lawton until they came back from Alaska because I had a medical profile.  I worked in personnel.  When I got back to Ft Story I was assigned as the Bn Pers clerk in the bunker up the hill for the 458th TC and in personnel is where I stayed until Nam and the First Cav, Garry Owen Brigade.

It was the 607th TC (LVT) part of SCARWAF an Air Force operation to resupply items to construct the Old DEW Line across Alaska.
Information found at Ft Ustis "the 607th was brought up to strength from other units stationed at Ft Story"

In 1956 we (607th TC) went to Greenland NWT Canada to build the other half called the BMEWS Line (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System).  Our base was Frobisher Bay NWT.  Crossed the Arctic Circle in BARCs as part of Operation Blue Nose to see if the vehicles would work in that environment.  We crossed the Arctic Circle (West side) in October.  Then took the LSD-15 Shadwell (which by the way is having a reunion in KY in May) on the way back to Hampton Roads VA and offloaded to go back to FT Story.  All of my pictures and mementoes disappeared with my duffel bag stolen in PA while being shipped to FT Dix, NJ on my way to Europe in 1958.  So sorry, no back up material or photos.  Had a great one too of an iceberg floating in the North Atlantic with a great prismatic effect of the sun shining through it from behind.