As told by Arthur Fisher

1956 I was a corporal (E-4) DUKW driver / instructor with the 458th at Fort Story, the 1st Sgts last name was Presley, the company mascot were two ducks named  Pete and Repete, a enclosure had been built for them in front of the orderly room.

we went on one training mission down to Pickens Park we lived on the beach in five man GP tents the whole time we were there. While there we put on a show for some VIPs (  ship to shore cargo transfer ) It was calm that morning but as the day wore on the swells built up, about 20 feet at the ship and about 6 to 10 feet at the ramps. On the back deck of each duck was a coiled rope that had one end fastened to the DUCK and the other end to a large float. Purpose of the float was to mark the location if the DUKW sunk.

We only sunk 7 of the dukws that day, it looked funny as hell with all those markers bobbing up and down

One time there was a birthday party in the mess hall, someone asked the cook where he got the little chickens, 1st sgt Presley yelled over to the company clerk "did you do like I told you with Pete and Repete?" 

"yup I gave them to the cook!" about then one of the guys hollered out Holy shit  I thought this was a small squab..

Sgt Pressley said "happy birthday and enjoy, tomorrow we're back to c-rations"

A few minutes later Company Cmdr  came in with the  Pete & Repete  on his shoulders, smiling
he said "will some one take these and put them back where they belong"  Just for a few minutes everyone thought they were eating the company mascots

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