Oliver Redden served in the 458th Amphibious Truck unit DUKW 1950-1952. Like most young soldiers he sent photo's and news clippings home to his parents. Thanks to Oliver's Mom, everything sent home was faithfully saved. Today Oliver is sharing these memories


This is a old poem that Oliver sent me a scan of, the paper was old and faded but today I found the poem on a Korean War web site.

We're not a bunch of convicts,
We're defenders of our land.

We're men in the Army
Earning a measly pay;
Guarding people with millions,
For two and a half a day.

Living here with our memories,
Waiting to see our gals,
Hoping while we're away
They haven't married our pals.

Few people know we exist
And few people give a damn,
Although we may seem forgotten,
We belong to Uncle Sam.

When we get to Heaven,
St. Peter will surely yell,
"Here are the boys from Korea;
They've served their time in hell."

photo's 1951 the 458th and 460th DUKW company's were shipped to Europe where they took part in months of training unloading ships and the transport of cargo and equipment. The coast of France was selected for this training.

PDF files of Stars & Stripes clippings, a set of orders and even some good info on the super DUKW

35mm slides France

35mm slides Ft Story, VA

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